I n t r o d u c i n g

C l a s s i c   S t y l e   f o r   t h e   C r e a t i v e   M i n d

Passionate about making updated classic menswear with sound brand values.

The evolution of the Swedish menswear label started when Per Andersson, today creative director,
together with acouple of friends opened the deadstock store Nostalgi in 1997 and later in 2002 took the
step towards designing their own collection, offering replicas of iconic garments. Today we aim for a well dressed
look that is in tune with time.Since 2002 Velour by Nostalgi has had the ambition to challenge the classic menswear
conventions with expertise and materials from the best factories worldwide.We aim to add life to your wardrobe
by offering updated fabrics and design. By collaborating with some of our time most inspiring
Creative Minds,we add life to the brand.

Who is a creative mind?

We believe in everyone who is passionate about making something out of their lives.
We believe in everyone who is going for their dreams. We aim to collaborate closely with these
early adopters  and want to involve the creative mindset and share the stories about
people who are innovative and progressive within their field.

We believe, whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, author, chef, businessman, sportsman or student,
that the creative community pushes development forward. We want to contribute to this movement by fulfilling
their needs of reliable clothing and giving something back to the visionaries that inspire us to move on as a brand.

Our reason to be is

We meet the clothing needs for the Creative Minds - sustainable and well dressed.

F e a t.  C r e a t i v e   M i n d s

Tussilago (Band) Ruben Östlund (Filmaker) José Gonzalez (Musician) Johan Andersson (Painter)

Feat. in 24 Creative Minds Welldressed for Peace Initiative

Christoffer Berg (Musician) Barish Firatli (Singer)  Kaine Ryan Taylor (Westcoast Records) Fabian Kallerdahl (Jazz Musician)
Johan Björkman (Koka Restaurant) Elin Lannsjö (Ceramic Artist) Niclas Hultman (Art Director) Simon Ljungman (Musician)
Benjamin Lega (Co-founder NikBen)Agonist (Perfumes) David Andersson (Challenge Lab, Chalmers University) 
Niki & The Dove (Musicians) Philip Warkander (Phd Fashion Studies) Hampus Wernemyr (Painter) Leo Skywell (Musician) 
Adam Lundgren (Actor) Edvin Edvinsson (Music Curator) Mathias Eriksson (CEO Matter)  José Gonzálés (Musician) 
Anton Axélo (Musician) Christoffer Falk (CD Avenyfamiljen) Chris Olsson (Musician) Hugo Hall (Chef, Forssen & Öberg)

A W 1 6   C O L L E C T I O N

VBN are proud to introduce AW16 collection where we aim for a cleaner look, drawing inspiration
from the90’s with block,
monochrome shades, splashes of colors and handmade graphics.
We called this seasons essential well dressed and sustainable look ”Bohemian Luxury” and
we introduce our ”Add Life” symbol that reflects our value driven ambition as a brand.

Velour are today present in over 20 countries worldwide and we are proud
to be sold at stores such as American Rag, UnCencored and Grandpa.

Video by: Pajp Magazine