About Velour by Nostalgi

Classic Style for the Creative Mind. For a man in tunes with time.

Since the year of 1997 Velour by Nostalgi has offered classic, quality apparel for men with an updated twist. The approach has always been simple: combining the expression of togetherness with a well dressed and an feel good lifestyle with the exceptional expertise and materials from the best of factories worldwide. By doing so we are creating classic men’s fashion of high quality with a modern and creative touch that is challenging menswear conventions.

The evolution of the brand started when Per Andersson together with a couple of friends opened the store Nostalgi in ’97 and later in 2002 took the step towards designing their own collection. Over the years, Velour by Nostalgi has been working with some of our times most inspiring musicians, artist and film makers – and all of them have helped to, and are still defining, our unique identity and existence. Velour by Nostalgi finds strength in, as well as pay tribute to historical subcultures creating fashion with a classic contemporary look, always with a twist for the modern man in tune with time.