You have the following options:

Payment Cost When you pay
Credit card (Mastercard/Visa) No charge Money is reserved on order. Transaction when we ship your package.
Cash on delivery (Postförskott - Sweden only) 50 SEK You pay when you collect package
Klarna invoice (Sweden only) 39 SEK

You get an invoice in a separate letter from Klarna

PayPal 39 SEK

You pay through your Paypal account.


Cash on delivery is only an option within Sweden. When ordering, you will receive a confirmation by mail. When the order is delivered, you pay when you pick the packages up at your local pick-up point. Posten AB will charge an additional fee of 50 SEK for this service.

When using credit card, you pay immediately at checkout. When ordering, you will receive a confirmation by mail. When the package arrives, you pick it up at your local pick-up point. All information concerning your credit card is encrypted and secured with a specific technology through Samport AB. Velour reserves the right to cancel, hold on to or further investigate an order at suspicion, even if delivery time is affected.

We offer you the payment on invoice with Klarna and you normally start paying after 14 days from when you receive your invoice. When you choose to pay by invoice, you need to type in your social security number (personnummer) in order to get recognised by Klarna. When the order is done, your invoice will be sent to you by e-mail. We charge a fee of 39 SEK. Please note that we will charge the reminder fees and the interest rate of 24% when the payment is not done. See Klarna's website for more info.